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May we be ever mindful of christ's love for us,. There is also ” kundalini awakening ”, which is 7-minute audio recordings that will help you relax your body and mind. How does the 7 minute mindfulness by scott mason work. … all in 7 minutes per day. Do you think mindfulness is too boring for. All you need headphones and listen to along the tracks for only 7 minutes a day. When we control our mind in this way, enhanced well being is inevitable. This mind-body workout is super convenient and great for someone like me who needs to slow down, in order to be truly healthier overall. Minute 3: continue to be aware of your breathing. Mindfulness refers to an awareness of what is happening emotionally -- right here, right now -- within your body and mind. 7 mindfulness mp3 audio sessions (7 minutes each). The mindfulness exercise that i listened to was not hypnosis at all. 7 minute mindfulness is the talk among busy individuals. And maybe i'll find some other way to express the music that i have in my mind. 7 minute mindfulness download, all in all, the world of physics with the virtual world using this technology has made it easy and practical. Is 7 minute mindfulness developed by scott mason a good choice. If your mind creates many stories around the ‘itch’ or discomfort, backtrack your thought process to the actual sensation and stay with it through focusing on the breath. This helps you to see, ever more clearly, when the mind has begun to wander away by itself, so that you gradually learn to ‘taste’ the difference between the ‘thinking mind’ and the ‘sensing mind’. I have 4 and 7 minutes to spare everyday. Please keep this in mind when disclosing any personal data to us via the internet. A minute of mindfulness: breakfast. The silence of such a moment brings to mind the words of psalm 46:10:. • deny yourself by confessing your sins and surrendering your will, mind, and emotions to the master.  most teachers use smiling minds as their primary resource, although others use yoga breathing exercises and the insight timer. The final thing to understand about meditation is that it’s about deliberate attention setting of the mind, and the target of your meditation can include a number of things including movement, breath, sensing, thoughts and sound. This is why mindfulness practice will be of more value to those who dealing with cravings in recovery. Likewise, if you want to keep using it, you should be exercising your mind forever. Bonus gift #4: the mindful millionaire formulation. In this first part of the practice you’re invited to take a few minutes to think about your feet without looking at them. It's this far-fetched premise that makes us hesitant to recommend 7 minute mindfulness as an affiliate income opportunity. Perhaps you have just woken up, and are spending a mindful minute in your pajamas while outside it is still dark. Mindfulness is available to us in every moment, whether through meditations and body scans, or mindful moment practices like taking time to pause and breathe when the phone rings instead of rushing to answer it. We can use its energies to support our energy to encounter each moment with mindfulness and equanimity and clarity. Call to mind somebody that you care about--a good friend, or someone who's helped you in your life, someone who inspires you. Mindfulness does not belong to a religion. The effects of a 7 minute session aren’t just momentary. 7 minute mindfulness is so convenient and genuine that it has conquered the market very fast. Please enjoy the wonderful methods of body mind breathing 7 minute classes i have designed for you, as they will very quickly bring you to a calmer, happier, more relaxed and clear thinking, and significantly more joyful life. These short mindfulness exercises focus on bringing awareness to the process of breathing. Jon kabat-zinn: when your alarm goes off and you jump out of bed, what is the nature of the mind in that moment. Take down the intensity to level 6 and maintain there for 1 minute. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (mbsr) is a blend of meditation, body awareness, and yoga: learning through practice and study how your body handles (and can resolve) stress neurologically. Pause regularly throughout the day and assess the state of your body and mind. Letting go of expectations, and this certainly applies to teaching mindfulness to kids. That means that when you talk to your boss, colleagues, customers or spouse for 10 minutes, they pay attention to less than half of the conversation. If your mind wanders off into thoughts, when you notice it's happened, return to taking in all that you see—shapes, colors, movements. Lyrics engage your thoughts, and the idea here is to quiet your mind. After a few minutes, once again notice your body, your whole body, seated here. For more on mindfulness and its applications, ggsc members can read the. At night he reviewed god’s word over and over in his mind. Dissolve anxiety, stress and unhappiness, enhance your mind and unleash your creativity with these simple exercises. Are you willing to take seven minutes every morning. • in the 7 minute mindfulness program, you'll find one basic, well ordered framework that lessen as far as possible years to unleash substantial brains in your cerebrum and enable you to change the sub-particles of anything you require. This wouldn’t be my first attempt at powering up my mindfulness skills. Based in science and easy and enjoyable to do, personalized mind and body and workout sessions are designed by a team of behavioral and exercise experts to help you achieve and maintain fitness and balance—in both body and mind. After nearly four decades of teaching mindfulness, jon kabat-zinn is happy to see it hitting the mainstream. Inside this program, you can find some list of content like mindful millionaire formula, calm mind mist, to do list destroyer, self-fulfilling prophecy, serotonin booster checklist, love and happiness mindtrack, your ultimate love life plan, 2 minutes success exercise, mind body relaxation and brain booster nutrition plan and much more. Self-kindness may be the most important component of mbsr - it’s the oil that makes the gears of mindfulness work. But a five-minute solo session. I believe gratitude is a fundamental component of mindfulness, teaching our children to appreciate the. Tell your children that you will make the sound, and they should listen carefully until they can no longer hear the sound (which is usually 30 seconds to a minute). Meditate at your desk for two minutes. If you have questions for the reliability of 7 minute mindfulness make sure that you are on the proper web page. Now as you do this, you might notice that your mind may start to wander. Make it clear that mindfulness is a special time: clear off desks, perhaps move to the carpet, or have all chairs face the front of the room. 7 minute mindfulness is really easy-to-understand. • it works very fast so that you can experience changes in life in just a few minutes. Noticing self-perpetuating thought patterns is a core mindfulness skill. The foundation of buddhist philosophy is the intersection of mindfulness with a kind regard to our own suffering and that of others. You may find your mind wandering constantly. “being mindful to other people or aware of something. He has decided to step up and create a program that offers audio meditation that you can listen to 7 minutes daily and that will change your life: 7 minute mindfulness. Try this five-minute mindfulness meditation exercise several times a week. Johnson & johnson 7 minute workout app. Unlike most other meditation programs and mind exercises, the seven minute mindfulness is not time-consuming. Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness, even for just a few weeks, can bring a variety of physical, psychological, and social benefits. , the song is written in the key of d minor, with a moderate tempo of 156 beats per minute. During a  kindergym class, your child will enjoy a 5-7 minute warm up. How can we teach mindfulness to kids. You can click below to try 7 minute mindfulness as soon as now before the link expiration. This method can be used effectively to develop the mind which may calm you like a water. It’s easy to use an easy to use a process that can complete 7 minute mindfulness guide any process in a short time. " - jack canfield, co-author of the success principles™ and chicken soup for the soul® ; "bjarne nybo has compiled a helpful series of brief mindfulness exercises that encourage you to take meditation off the cushion and extend it to every moment and activity. A brief mindfulness meditation practice to relax your body and focus your mind. Seven minute mindfulness pdf self-importance in the digital world. I wrote it in the title; this is indeed a last minute gift guide for fellow stragglers. The seven minute mindfulness this comprehensive program offers a fast, effective way to reap the benefits of traditional meditation and mindfulness practices, in a super short time, and with minimal effort. All can happen with the help of this powerful 7-minute exercise immediately identifies the sources of emotional and physical stress and pulls it out of your system. 7 minute mindfulness is the mind and body secret solution to live the most incredible life in mind. Understanding the differences and importances of right and left brain function, we can generate whole new levels of mind power and functionality, by uniting right and left brain hemispheres in a way that was impossible until recently. Mason, who was informed by his doctors that he would never walk properly again, managed to miraculously heal himself with the power of positive thinking and mindfulness. And when you are ready, letting your feet dissolve in your mind’s eye. Mindfulness is a way to rebalance ourselves. After he finishes explaining the benefits of meditation for your mind and body, he slowly guides the yogini, tara stiles, into meditation. This short video is one of jon kabat-zinn's "9 attitudes of mindfulness" and is a wonderful description of the importance of non-striving in mindfulness meditation (and life. Morning watch -- a plan to spend the first minutes of a new day alone with god, praying and reading the bible. With the 7 minute life daily planner you will not only discover what really matters most to you, but also be given the steps to build a plan and put it into action. You can check it out here: 7 minute mindfulness. In order words they can view these cravings as alien visitors in their mind, and they are under no obligation to obey them.   it also doesn’t freeze very well so keep that in mind if you plan to try the recipe. Nancy bardacke’s mindfulness-based childbirth and parenting (mbcp) program offers mindfulness training to expectant parents; her book mindful birthing describes her program and also offers detailed instructions for cultivating mindfulness in everyday life. 7 minute mindfulness | fast, easy, mindfulness exercises. In just three minutes, this app uses light meditation to calm you down and change the way you breathe with various exercises. In being mode, the mind has absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go as well as can concentrate totally on moment-by-moment experience, enabling us to be totally existing and familiar with whatever is below, right currently. I believe gratitude is a fundamental component of mindfulness, teaching our children to appreciate the abundance in their lives, as opposed to focusing on all the toys and goodies that they crave.

Seven Minute Mindfulness

It is much harder to slow your breathing and keep your mind calm than to remain in a stressed state, due to the flight-or-fight instinct. Imagine for a moment that you have already achieved the heights that you have dreamed of. Is mindfulness for more than just stress reduction. Now, number five: a proper procedure. Today, he’s a world explorer… today, he teaches possibly the fastest, easiest mindfulness method in history. And they realized that they had been with jesus. Download the free johnson & johnson 7 minute wellness for expecting and new moms™ app here. Kabat-zinn, who has written 10 books on mindfulness and led nearly a hundred retreats, describes meditation as a mental workout. What we did: the seven-minute workout involves a series of 12 bodyweight exercises that require only a chair and a wall, performed at about an eight on an intensity scale of one to 10. We'll designate one minute of the walk where we are completely silent and simply pay attention to all the sounds we can hear -- frogs, woodpeckers, a lawnmower. In the walled garden of the mission house at serampore, he built an arbor which he called his ‘bower. Here are some suggestions as to "how to have a quiet time. Wedding march - felix mendelssohn. Mindfulness and the demands of everyday life. Bonus #2 – the wealthy brain system high quality book + audio mindtrack. When a person is acknowledged with a nobel prize, it is the ultimate affirmation of years of training, effort, education, and sacrifice in pursuit of excellence—investments that are the source of their impact. It restores and re boost your complete mind and body. From what we've seen and heard, 7 minute mindfulness is a relatively run-of-the-mill personal development product that focuses on mindset and positive thinking. For one, i learned that actress goldie hawn has been working with neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists and educators to develop a mindfulness curriculum for schools. It enables you to stay focused. Solution: ask the holy spirit to give you strength to set your mind on christ and his word. Stone may not have been turned into bread, but music was turned into rescued lives. Maybe a family member may need something that they can not afford. It is a non-sectarian technique, which focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body, which can be experienced directly by disciplined attention to the physical sensations or actions in the body. God judges us very much by the desire of our hearts. I also love this new resource that has hundreds of free mindfulness exercises, talks, meditations and worksheets:. Files is by far the most commonly used method of sending the music. Usa today tech columnist jefferson graham reviews the best 7 minute workout apps. Taking a few minutes now simply to let thoughts arise. This ten-movement sequence is done by residents of thich nhat hanh’s plum village every day and is included in the palouse mindfulness course as a gentle alternative to the yoga sequences that are part of weeks 3 and 4. The seven minute mindfulness program is an audio-oriented meditation system that helps people to cleanse their mind and live a happier life. All you need to do is apply these super active techniques in your life and let them automatically do the work for you. Meditate like a zen monk… in just 7 minutes. Additionally, the 7 minute mindfulness page itself is registered to a greg whitburn, a new zealander who, according to his facebook profile, is an internet marketer and lists his hometown as christchurch. The app tells me that people often think of willpower as a food issue, but it's more than that: it's having the strength and wherewithal to make healthy decisions for your body, which i hadn't been making in regards to sleep. We may also use information about you to improve the content of the licensed application and for our analysis. This 9-minute video from the center for mindfulness at the university of massachusetts medical school is a good introduction to what we mean by mindfulness in the context of this course. Your life-style would actually have a brand new turn with 7 minute mindfulness and of route, its absence would leave a few incompleteness to your existence. '7 minutes to mindfulness' gives you a practical and realistic way that can work for anyone. Avoid using plastic freezer bags as these will not as effectively prevent any odors from seeping into the frosting. They collaborated, tested them out on each other, and led the entire school in a guided meditation at a recent all-school assembly. These videos replace mindfulness and self-compassion by kristin neff, which has been moved to supplementary materials. And mindfulness has been shown to drop underneath the waves. Bonus gift #3: the head-entire body relaxation audio keep track of. Scott mason’s 7 minute mindfulness system. That is, the right time. In 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair and a wall, it fulfills the latest mandates for high-intensity effort, which essentially combines a long run and a visit to the weight room into about seven minutes of steady discomfort — all of it based on science. “please get into your ‘mindful bodies’—still and quiet, sitting upright, eyes closed. So, sing this hymn—and memorize phillipians 4:7. I taught a mindfulness class at my daughters’ elementary school this week. An easy way for children to practice mindfulness is to focus on paying attention to what they can hear. ‘mindfulness: finding peace in a frantic world’. It is so difficult to give up and let god deal with the individuals who have harmed us. Kasina device comes equipped with a personal headset and custom light-emitting lenses that envelop the user in music, sound and light designed to expand their state of awareness. I have been reading the book ‘breath by breath:. Although it can take decades to be trained in achieving the theta mindset through unaided meditation, advances in technology have made this sought-after mental state accessible to everyone. They are all appreciation of the product and do remember to thank me for suggesting 7 minute mindfulness to them. I get mixed up on the days i don’t get away with the lord in a. Jon kabat-zinn, founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction (mbsr), talks about the present moment and the "thousand-year view" with omega. It clears up that when you endeavor to prevent yourself from securing particular sustenances, you'll end up overindulging in various foods. And teach you how to easily defeat any life problems you may be facing. Its solemn stillness helps to free the mind from that perpetual din which the cares of the world will bring around it. It is forbidden to bid on search terms "seven minute mindfulness" or similar brand search terms, as this effectively steals commissions from other affiliates. I've had a difficult afternoon with my older son, and i've been so consumed by him that i've barely worried about will, which makes me feel guilty. Puts us back in the driving seat. * find your energy reserves and rejuvenate in minutes. So all of these guys, they all showed me. They are open to the tactical possibilities and the musical challenges precisely because they are freed, through skill, from the need to pay attention to the low-level details of how to play. Now go to the music and reproduce exactly what you hear in your mind. There is a saying that,. Finally, you will be stress-free, tension free to step up your goals with the peaceful mindset and find the best way to develop your financial growth today with a peaceful mind. With animated instructions, catchy music, and all the basics of the other full-body workouts, this is another top choice overall. Research shows mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live. In the 7 minute mindfulness program, you’ll discover one simple, step-by-step system that reduce the programming limits years to unleash large brains in your brain and allow you to change the sub-particles of anything you need. Need a few minutes to relax. Now you're going to have the piano players be out to get me now. If somebody like that comes to mind, bring them here. "the easiest way - no, make that the only way - to thrive with today's accelerated, far reaching, and unpredictable changes is to practice mindfulness. Renee jain is an award-winning tech entrepreneur turned speaker and certified life coach. Sketching is a great study in mindfulness, requiring concentration and awareness.   just as it is, just as it unfolds. He ultimately told his side of the story in the song "hello," the b-side to "pop life. My clients don’t want to get more done, they want to reconnect with their purpose. When you see 7 minute mindfulness, you need to remember that they are all about helping your mind so that you can get all that you think and be at the top of it all. The final product you get has combined elements of different mindfulness practices from across the globe after weighing and analyzing the benefits and downsides of each of it. Instead of living in fear of the cravings the mindful individual just observes and allows them to subside. Self-compassion may be the most important component of mbsr - it’s the oil that makes the gears of mindfulness work. Judson brewer: we going to start filling each of these 128 wells with conduction gel. Vipassana, which agency to meet things every bit they truly are, is i of india’s most ancient techniques of meditation. If that sounds like too much of a hassle, start closer to home.  it uses the mind/body connection in a way that anyone can apply everyday, in the privacy of the home, or on the go. As snel describes it, children can recognize, "i am not the downpour, but i notice that it is raining; i am not a scaredy-cat, but i realize that sometimes i have this big scared feeling somewhere near my throat. His name is jon kabat-zinn and he thinks mindfulness is the answer for people who are so overwhelmed by life, they feel they aren't really living at all. This is a kind of peaceful mind that forces your body to release all its stress, tension, and worry that has robbed you of optimal health and happiness. Inferred by analyzing the relative frequency of each of the 12 musical notes being played in the file. What an object-lesson as to the indispensable necessity of prayer. * the individual needs to always keep in mind that they are not their cravings. His vocals were actually recorded a few days after the main session. Be kind about your wandering mind. Because for music, you had to be gifted. The exercise of mindfully eating a raisin or a piece of chocolate is a staple of mindfulness education, and is a great activity for kids. Of course, you want a bible dictionary, you want a concordance and all that, but i'm not talking about that for this. Awake with his word - i rise before the dawning of the morning, and cry for help; i hope in your word. Have you ever sat down and thought about the relationships between these things and how together they play an interconnected role in the functioning of the earth. Try this 6 minute check in guided mindfulness meditation practice. This is a great, fun activity for "loosening up" the body and mind, and is a totally accessible way to get the kids to understand the art of "being present. Going into the closet and meeting with the father in secret. Five minutes with god and his word is worth more than all the rest of the day. Return to your day peaceful, more focused and relaxed. How do we know if we’re making progress in our personal time with the lord. Monday: m is for missionaries. Method of incorporation combines several techniques, including:. The chemical that a dryer sheet releases is known as a “surfactant. The makers of this program have outlined several benefits of this program to the user, they say that it has the ability to make the user have a clear mind and have strong focus. I am so sure that you will feel happy with the power of mindfulness to overcome any obstacle you were facing. 7 minute mindfulness is easy to use and user-friendly guide. This powerful method can transform all your clues to mindfulness. I managed myself at that time and always have. Who knows, you might even enjoy the cleaning for once.   spread it on cake layers, sheet cakes, cupcakes and more for a traditional type frosting that isn’t going to taste like every other cake at the local bake sale. The progressive scanning up the body after feeling a connection with the earth is pretty sweet. Jon kabat-zinn: the mind wanders away from the breath and then you gently and nonjudgmentally just bring it back. Since the whole generation which came out of egypt had been doomed to die in the wilderness, they would naturally feel despondent, and therefore their great leader seeks for them that blessing which,. You turn over control of your life to him; this makes you available for the lord to live his life through you. 12:8) opens the door to his transforming power. We at seven minute mindfulness pride ourselves on maintaining a strong brand and reputation. A growing number of trade journal and academic articles report excellent return on investment from staff and employee mindfulness training. How can we build the quality of mindfulness in our children, our classrooms, and our schools. This composition features rich tones of music, at once ambient and cosmic, and it resonates with the musicality and warmth of dr. • this scientifically verified mindfulness method has been utilized in varying forms around the world for centuries to improve people’s care, mindset and wellbeing massively. The palouse mindfulness website is frequently updated with new material. The psalmist had this in mind when he wrote, "as the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, o god. Use advanced advancements and advanced advancements in brain research to give you a quick and effective setting that includes this old oriental secret of mind and gives you amazing results in 7 minutes a day. You spend time in praise and worship; this gets your soul in tune. The 7 benefits of the 7 minute classes. Step 2: click the button below to download 7 minute mindfulness. Certainly, 7 minute mindfulness is certainly well worth shopping for and assures you exquisite results. Here is the link to the. Instead, simply listen with attention to the song, following the beats and crescendos while keeping your mind quiet. Mindfulness is not a fixed destination, and there's no fixed definition, which naturally leaves room for lots of questions. Every meditation tradition begins with daily practices that help to focus a scattered mind. • just say no to calorie checking and find real food freedom. Ask the holy spirit to control your investment of time and to guide your praising, confessing, thanking, adoring, interceding, petitioning and meditating, as well as to help you get into the bible. [50] she also revealed that it was shot in las vegas and directed by emil nava, saying: "it’s a weird place. The capability to acknowledge and also disengage from self-perpetuating patterns of ruminative, adverse idea is a core mindfulness ability. To be successful, you have to be calm and feel good and this program can help you exactly on that. Body mind breathing 7 minute online classes include:. Can use the chakra frequency music set whilst you are doing other. When i miss a day of practice, i can always tell it. And one of the powers of mindfulness is the ability to get to that frame of mind on demand. An orchestra does not tune its instruments after the concert. The ability to recognize and disengage from self-perpetuating patterns of ruminative, negative thought is a core mindfulness skill. Additionally 7 minute mindfulness’s is easy to understand and this makes our customers 100% satisfied through purchases. And the best, this method did not require to spend hours of meditation or yoga. There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. They’re all built around the science-based concept of high-intensity circuit training using body weight, so you don’t need any fancy equipment. There are a number of 7 minute mindfulness scott mason companies that have to work on the technology and use of the product consumer between customers. And now, just relaxing the toes, keeping the awareness in your feet and noticing any changes in the sensations in the feet and toes as they relax. Begin with seven minutes a day, as bjarne recommends, and eventually you may be inspired to make mindfulness an integral part of your life. As the exercise progresses, the use of rhythm and a grounded soft tonal voice naturally realigns you with your own heartbeat and reduces your blood pressure. Finally, when finally when we opened the closet door, he was in there sound asleep on his knees in that closet. Notice when your mind wanders from your breath. I'm from alabama — what you do with a snake is you call the police and you shoot the damn thing. Be quick to help yourself a lot and grab your 7 minute mindfulness below. Anderson cooper: so how can you be mindful in your daily life. Tonight, we'll introduce you to the man who's largely responsible for mindfulness gaining traction. He goes room by room, showing how the lord cleaned the dirty books off the shelves of the study, took down the filthy pictures, how he cleaned the dining room of unhealthy appetites and desires, etc. Greg ogden in his excellent book on biblical. Sustained awareness perceives this truth; without awareness, it’s just a solid sheet of itch. The daily quiet time is such an one. The product is the result of his 7 years-long intense research and undying passion. Jackson wrote and produced the hit single "muscles" for ross, and as the years went by, his face started to resemble hers. I finished this and felt:  mindful – i remembered i was the power in my world and i could choose to make my day/life amazing. Here are a few key components of practicing mindfulness that kabat-zinn and others identify:. This approach is suitable for those who are keen to cultivate mindfulness skills, but prefer the support, flexibility and privacy of one-on-one work. Mostly, the musical tones of two slightly different frequencies are embedded in an audio track so that your left ear and right ear hear a slightly different sound.   a slightly smaller layered cake or sheet cake would probably allow more frosting for the outside which can be swirled around into a really neat design. The bonus features that come with the product are quite a handful. Interested in doing mindfulness meditation but don’t think you have the time.   my mom enforced our 20 minute nightly meditation time (which at the time, felt more like punishment. Then start there and read through the passage, marking anything that is of interest until you find just the verse that speaks to your soul for that day. If you suffer from any kind of physical pain then you are going to love the "deep muscle massage technique" this is deep relaxation for your tired muscles and joints, but you use your mind to do it. Accurate captions are critical for deaf or hard-of-hearing people (see the importance of captioning, an enlightening two minute video), but the importance of captioning goes even beyond this. You can do it before bed or a presentation to ease the mind. 7 minute mindfulness review reviews program seven-minute mindfulness scott mason mindset relaxation login vs books money meaning com homepage login success meditation entrepreneur hacker news free pdf download ebook quotes definition video youtube power pdf scam members area peaceful life self-improvement testimonials discount. Start by breathing in and out slowly. The internet has proved to be a useful technology in our everyday life. As i began to notice my mind wander, i tried to gently bring it back to my breathing and the wall in front of me without forcing myself to stop thinking completely. Just make sure you raise your heart rate to a pumping, air-gasping level for four minutes, three times a week. More than 2,000 people from companies like google, facebook and instagram showed up earlier this year in san francisco for a mindfulness conference called wisdom 2. I offer it to you as five minutes of mindfulness magic. Whether it's self-improvement, over coming stress and anxiety, achieving specific goals, improving relationships, finances, decluttering your mind, or generally improving your relationship with your mind and body, then seven minute mindfulness can help. Guided visualisation gives the busy mind something to focus on. It is quite funny to see him play and read the number fingers on the sheet music at the same time. This binaural effect promotes the growth of neurons in your brain. Your own predisposition as to which place to rest your mind for.   not trying to do anything, not trying to get any place, simply being with your breath. Close your eyes and put on your headphones. Avoid letting your mind drift into thoughts about the song's genre, artist, and lyrical meaning. • learn how to pray while “on the go.